25 May 2023

Full-Time Vice President, FP&A – Jama’are

Aquent – Posted by JobsTeam Jama'are, Bauchi, Nigeria

Job Description

When it comes to the company’s long-term financial stability, it’s up to the Director of Finance to establish the overarching goals, policies, programs, and practices that will be implemented across the board. manages the flow of money throughout the business and ensures the security of money and other valuable documents. Responsible for all financial systems, internal controls, and reporting. manages the entire accounting function, from accounts payable to the general ledger to financial reporting. The HR manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and assessing HR strategies, including those related to employee relations and performance management. Salary ranges and benefits packages will be discussed in relation to the applicant’s level of experience. whose performance in charge of finances, administration, and personnel is directly accountable to the President. Gives the President company financial reports when asked to do so. whose responsibility it is to oversee the accounts payable department.

Job Title : Vice President, FP&A
Location : Jama’are, Bauchi, Nigeria
Salary : $ 41.42 per hour.
Company : Aquent
Job Type : Full-Time


  • to authorize any contracts involving financial commitments, including those for the sale of goods or services and other actions requiring the expenditure of money.
  • assures the safety of the business’s resources by means of internal checks and balances, audits, and insurance.
  • Coordination, assessment, and approval of budget ideas, as well as discussion of suggested amendments and significant revisions, are done in coordination with the President.
  • oversees and develops tax policy. Assists in providing quarterly or more regular data to the company’s and principals’ external tax advisors as is required for the purposes of predicting the company’s taxable income and identifying tax planning strategies. works along with third-party tax advisers to finish filing annual tax returns for the business.
  • Establishes, coordinates, and administers, as an integral part of management, an adequate plan for the control of operations, which includes profit planning, programs for capital investing and financing, sales forecasts, expense budgets, and cost standards, as well as the controls and procedures necessary to implement the plan.
  • Manages and reviews all orders placed with the business to guarantee they adhere to established policies and procedures and to facilitate the management and retrieval of records created by these transactions.
  • provides the data necessary for departments and other management to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of accounting systems and procedures, as well as the generation of regular and ad hoc reports, such as interim and annual financial statements. Keeps track of the company’s finances by keeping accurate books and records of its transactions and assets.
  • evaluates and reports on operational results for upper management by contrasting actual results with envisioned ones.
  • to oversee the company’s cash flow situation. Establishing policies for credit, collections, and purchasing as well as timetables for paying bills and other financial commitments falls under the category of responsibility.


  • Eight or more years of financial management and accounting experience.
  • Competence in writing, reading, and analysis, as well as the ability to organize and prioritize tasks, are all necessary.
  • abilities in managing payroll, developing and analyzing budgets and costs, and preparing and interpreting financial statements.
  • advanced PC skills that include using programs like Word and Excel and handling financial accounts.
  • Comprehensive education in all facets of accounting, from managing and accounting for AR and AP to keeping the general ledger and handling credit, collections, and inventory.

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Job Categories: Director Of Finance. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 20 days.

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