19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Senior Manager, Digital Media Global Operations – Aswān

PEI Media – Posted by JobsTeam Aswān, Aswan, Egypt

Job Description

Our Acquisition Manager needs the help of a Digital Media Specialist to speed up subscriber growth. When it comes to executing, optimizing and reporting on paid search (as well as social and affiliate networks), this Media Specialist will be accountable. Making ensuring that campaigns are properly set up and doing meaningful analysis of campaign outcomes and plans are the primary responsibilities of this position. When it comes to tracking/pixels and billing queries, the Digital Media Specialist will interact with a wide range of departments to keep them updated on the company’s general growth plan and aid with monthly accruals. Customer acquisition on growth and test channels including Amazon Ads, TikTok, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Snapchat would be aided by this position. It is preferable, but not necessary, to have some programming expertise.

Job Title : Senior Manager, Digital Media Global Operations
Location : Aswān, Aswan, Egypt
Salary : $ 22.17 per hour.
Company : PEI Media
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Getting assistance is difficult. A supervisor will only intervene and assist an employee in completing an assigned task if it is absolutely necessary. It is possible to examine the completed result.
  • Optimize content for search engines, satisfy accessibility criteria, and ensure that links operate on a website (quality assurance). Analyze campaign and program performance using web metrics.
  • In order to make adjustments to the campaign, customers may use call and conversion tracking. Client reports should be sent out on a quarterly or more often basis by a Digital Marketing Manager.
  • It’s up to you and the Acquisition Manager to make sure that third-party creative agencies and other paid digital platforms are delivering results.
  • Customer service is easier to access for both internal and external customers thanks to this feature. This individual communicates with everyone from the media to other groups to government agencies on the aims of their organization and what they want to accomplish.
  • Many social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, may be used to set up and administer sponsored campaigns.
  • You may fund social media campaigns with the aid of the company’s digital analytics team. To check whether campaign reports are up to date, you may either go to the campaign’s website or search for them.
  • Ideas for A/B tests must be developed often. Finding important patterns and topics might help the digital team plan the next test.
  • Reading reviews, abstracts, financial reports, and legal papers are all wonderful examples of literacy in action. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is usually required for admission to these kinds of institutions. A lot of practice and self-study is needed to learn new things.
  • Using digital assets, researchers study people’s attitudes. To overcome complex issues, IT specialists and business executives must collaborate. It may be useful to record unexpected ways to facilitate collaborative work.


  • For this role, you need to be good at working with people, keeping track of things, and using technology.
  • handling a large number of tasks at once with the ability to set and achieve deadlines
  • It is mandatory for new hires to engage in social media advertising or other digital media marketing during the first year of employment.
  • All of these skills are in high demand: web design, digital marketing, social media strategy, and creative business writing.
  • You’ll get along well with coworkers from other departments if you join the Communications Team.

How to Apply


Job Categories: Digital Media Specialist I. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 20 days.

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