26 May 2023

Full-Time Senior Legal Clerk – Sagñay

New York State Supreme Court Civil Branch – Posted by JobsTeam Sagñay, Camarines Sur Province, Philippines

Job Description

The Law Clerk is responsible for the day-to-day administration of a law firm or a team of attorneys, including the preparation and revision of legal documents, the coordination of legal projects, and frequent communication with clients and regulatory organizations.

Job Title : Senior Legal Clerk
Location : Sagñay, Camarines Sur Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 25.59 per hour.
Company : New York State Supreme Court Civil Branch
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Determine what further proof or information is needed and how to go about gathering it.
  • This role is responsible for collecting, organizing, and indexing a variety of evidentiary exhibits in order to prepare presentations for court proceedings.
  • search out business prospects that are relevant to the legal industry and design and implement related features and functionality on the website.
  • Additionally, other work responsibilities should be performed that need the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and physical requirements that are on par with or less demanding than those indicated above.
  • Produce legal documents that are founded on an in-depth examination of the parties’ legal arguments and authority, as well as legal research to establish or deny the validity or accuracy of those arguments and authority.
  • responsible for incorporating, registering, and sending out formal correspondence on behalf of a company.
  • To prepare for trial, gather all relevant documents, summarize them, and identify important problems and other notable elements before trial briefs and other submissions are made. There are summaries of the case for each of the judges on the panel, and these summaries contain information on the most probable result based on the evidence, as well as a brief description of the other judges.
  • Discuss cases with judges to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Additional tasks include drafting judgements in civil and criminal matters as well as imposing penalties.
  • they use their own judgment to carry out research and come up with a suggested opinion for the judge to use when he or she explains the court’s decision and why it was made, drawing on the findings of the study.
  • help in customer meetings and presentations, as well as other duties as assigned by the principal.


  • An acquired Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree must have been obtained from a recognized legal school at the time of enrollment or graduation without exception.
  • Working together with others, recognizing and respecting authoritative structures, and maintaining cordial interactions with members of the public are all important abilities.
  • Ability to write opinions, memos, and other legal papers that address pertinent topics, reference law and precedent, and express judicial viewpoints are all examples of legal writing skills
  • Effective communication with the general public, other departments, offices, and personnel is a must.
  • familiarity with the statutes and regulations governing civil and criminal matters as they apply to the jurisdiction of the Court of Common Pleas

How to Apply

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Job Categories: Law Clerk. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 28 days.

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