18 Mar 2023

Full-Time President and Chief Executive Officer – Kalibo

Ford Foundation – Posted by JobsTeam Kalibo, Aklan Province, Philippines

Job Description

The Chief Executive Officer is in charge of ensuring that the organization is mission-driven, economically accountable, and provides efficient and high-quality services. The Chief Executive Officer serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the employees, as well as the Board of Directors and outside organizations.

Job Title : President and Chief Executive Officer
Location : Kalibo, Aklan Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 45.46 per hour.
Company : Ford Foundation
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Ensure that the organization’s culture attracts, maintains, and inspires a diverse and highly competent workforce by serving as an inspirational, approachable, and supportive staff leader. Ensure that communication and decision-making are characterized by rigor, high quality, clarity, and transparency. Encourage positive and collaborative communication across departments. Promote the use of technology in the workplace.
  • capable of managing operational budgets and comprehending the financial figures used to do so
  • Ensure that employees are productive and that the organization’s goals are reached by creating an inclusive culture that encourages team members to succeed.
  • Bring your creativity and innovative thinking to bear on developing new and improved ways of working and new initiatives.
  • Achieve and maintain the organization’s track record of economic discipline and frugality. A thorough review of the organization’s operational and financial aspects is necessary after a thorough strategic planning process. In all facets of the organization’s operation, improve and creatively use technology. Stewardship and high standards must be maintained at all times to protect the public’s faith in the organization.
  • Assuring that all stakeholders understand the organization’s core values and objectives is an important part of encouraging communication (all levels of employees, customers, the board, Farm Credit Administration, funding bank and communities, etc.).
  • Taking charge of the association’s controls and financial and operating results with full direct lender authority is the best way to do this (i.e., capital requirements, asset quality requirements, management and staff effectiveness, earnings requirements and liquidity requirements).
  • To efficiently carry out the association’s goals, direct the creation and execution of essential local operational policies, procedures, and programs, as well as management systems, controls, and standards.
  • We must ensure that our business strategy is sturdy enough to provide maximum shareholder profit while adhering to our cooperative objectives.
  • In order to make fast and correct decisions, the board of directors has to be kept up to date on all financial, operational, employee, and marketing matters.


  • Management skills that are above average, like strategic organizational growth, motivating abilities, negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills, are important.
  • The ability to examine, prioritize, and take action on a broad variety of problems, ranging from the strategic to the administrative in nature.
  • Experience in marketing, public relations, and fundraising, as well as the ability to engage a diverse variety of stakeholders and cultures is required.
  • A leader’s ability to hire people and improve their talents while working with others to reach a common goal is an example of a management skill set.
  • It’s important to have a good grasp on how managed care works. This includes how the delivery system is set up and how money is spent, as well as how programs are made, how utilization is managed, network management, and quality improvement.

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Job Categories: Chief Executive Officer (Ceo). Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 18 days.

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