25 May 2023

Part-Time Investment Banking Associate / Analyst (Remote) – Dhar

NYC Careers – Posted by JobsTeam Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Job Description

There is no better time than now to become an investment analyst and put your passion for sports and entertainment to work for you. You’ll be in charge of overseeing and setting prices for the company’s inventory of tickets to live events, which has been purchased through various partnerships. This role requires you to keep tabs on the sports and entertainment industries so you can analyze the secondary market for signs of external influences. You will be analyzing such tendencies and the corresponding sales data in order to set fair prices for tickets and reduce our company’s risk while increasing its revenues. You will expand our business by discovering lucrative opportunities that will help us make the market more dynamic, liquid, and fruitful. This requires the ability to react quickly, regardless of the situation, to the ever-changing conditions of the live market. To provide our marketplace customers with a wide range of purchasing options, you would need to predict demand and stock up before the world’s biggest performers announced their farewell tour or a team won the championship.

Job Title : Investment Banking Associate / Analyst (Remote)
Location : Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Salary : $ 33.17 per hour.
Company : NYC Careers
Job Type : Part-Time


  • minimizes loss and optimizes gain on investments in individual assets by leveraging the company’s many strategic alliances.
  • Help Investment Managers with Day-to-Day Pricing and Data Management.
  • Participating in scheduled team activities might help you learn the ropes of the relevant department.
  • capitalizes on lucrative investment opportunities, which increases market liquidity and firm growth.
  • transforms market data into useful insights and chances for price optimization.
  • Learn the ins and outs of running a ticket exchange and how you can assist us in providing our customers with exceptional service.
  • This role is essential to the organization because of the invaluable market intelligence it provides through the transmission of supply-side experience and the provision of assistance with demand forecasting.
  • By guaranteeing that our listings are fully correct and exposed to the maximum amount of traffic, it connects buyer and seller.
  • Contribute to our approaches, methods, or technologies to support overall business goals and drive team efficiencies.
  • Learn the fundamental ideas underlying the pricing theory and methods of our department.


  • Skills in using Google Sheets or Excel to modify and analyze large datasets, analyzing market trends, and factoring in external effects to achieve optimal results.
  • Knowing how to develop diversified portfolios in any asset class or skill-based game, including a thorough explanation of risk management and the identification of unbalanced reward potential (preferred).
  • Flexible schedule, prepared to operate outside of regular business hours as necessary to satisfy the expectations of our sector.
  • Experience working in a fast-paced setting with great attention to detail and the ability to prioritize projects and fulfill deadlines is required.
  • A track record of successfully identifying trends and managing risks, as well as experience screen-trading financial instruments or actively profiting from market inefficiencies.

How to Apply

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Job Categories: Investment Analyst. Job Types: Part-Time.

Job expires in 27 days.

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