26 May 2023

Full-Time Forester I – Daharki

Carrier – Posted by JobsTeam Daharki, Sindh, Pakistan

Job Description

In addition to evaluating suspected unhealthy trees and maintaining the tree inventory, the forester is also in charge of keeping track of all of the forest’s important documents. The forester is responsible for first-line work direction, manual and semi-skilled labor in the upkeep of public trees and right-of-ways, among other things. Provides technical and professional assistance to individuals and businesses that have dangerous trees on their land. Provides work guidance to part-time and seasonal employees who are assigned to help the Forester in the performance of the division’s responsibilities and tasks.

Job Title : Forester I
Location : Daharki, Sindh, Pakistan
Salary : $ 25.76 per hour.
Company : Carrier
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Verifying or putting up the year-round thin and harvest timetable, road design and access rights of way are examples of crop sale administration jobs.
  • In order to promote a variety of forestry initiatives, it is necessary to conduct a thorough review of current forest websites.
  • Contributes to municipal tree and landscaping inspections by assisting with the inspections and by participating in the inspections themselves. In order to guarantee that plant materials are of acceptable quality, quantity, and type; to ensure that the essential procedures for protecting existing plants and installing new plants are followed; and to ensure that arrangements for maintenance and care are in place.
  • Help build forest stewardship plans to guide future restoration and management of county-owned forestland. Field data collection and analysis are used to assess the health of the forest. Apply the Forest Landscape Assessment Tool (FLAT) to all previously acquired and newly acquired forestland parcels in order to evaluate their current status.
  • Early- and mid-rotation duties, contract administration and/or other responsibilities may be assigned to this position.
  • Ensure that the City’s trees are healthy and safe, and teach other Streets Division employees how to care for them.
  • Review factors and grant or deny applications; notifies applicants in writing of reasons for denial. Assign and participate in site clearing inspections to ensure that plans submitted are compliant with municipal codes and ordinances. Coordinate with lower level inspectors regarding site inspections to ensure that information contained in submitted plans is correct.
  • Site plan review professionals (including those from stormwater management, zoning, and transportation) consult with one another in order to ensure that the code requirements of other disciplines are met without interfering with the tree and landscape code.
  • Responsible for silviculture plan execution in accordance with regional silviculture strategy and the annual plan, field-verification of silviculture treatment candidates and provision of setting-specific recon information to management, silviculture contract negotiation, silviculture operation supervision, timely status updates for system activity updates, contract performance monitoring including safety, SFI, EMP, production, cost, and quality, silviculture processing
  • This vocation encompasses all aspects of forest management and harvest monitoring on company- or privately-owned land.


  • Excellent Microsoft Office abilities, particularly Excel and Word proficiency, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills, are required for this position.
  • Establish and manage effective tree and landscape inspection programs, execute inspections and detect pathological plant problems while working outdoors, educate staff in plant disease diagnosis and other activities as assigned. Check to see if any trees that have been harmed by disease may be saved. Determine whether or not a landscape design should be approved or rejected by looking at it closely. The enforcement of codes, laws, and regulations must be done with firmness, tact, and impartiality.
  • Tree planting, upkeep (wrapping, guying, watering, mulching, weeding), pruning, trimming, disease inspection, and removal requirements and alternatives.
  • The ability to build and sustain good working relationships with other workers, departments, and the general public.
  • must have at least six months of experience in the field of landscape design, as well as six months of experience in the field of tree and landscape inspections from an accredited college or university, as well as six months of experience in the field of landscape design, as well as six months of experience in the field of tree and landscape inspections from an accredited college or university.

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Job Categories: Forester. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 28 days.

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