26 May 2023

Full-Time Educator, Data Scientist – Balurghat

Georgia IT Inc. – Posted by JobsTeam Balurghat, West Bengal, India

Job Description

Data Scientists help us innovate using data. You should be interested by design, think of yourself as a data artist and storyteller, and have an ownership, solution, and action attitude.

Job Title : Educator, Data Scientist
Location : Balurghat, West Bengal, India
Salary : $ 45.62 per hour.
Company : Georgia IT Inc.
Job Type : Full-Time


  • With a demonstrated capacity to work autonomously, this candidate has great time management abilities. Prioritizes daily chores and processes, and is able to multi-task. Completes department and individual job-related objectives on schedule and with high-quality output.
  • Model results should be interpreted and summarized. Complicated corporate reports are easier to understand. Performs what-if scenarios using a variety of inputs. Procedures and exceptions that are unacceptable are outlined. Based on current trend estimations, identifies potential concerns. Analyzes financial and statistical data.
  • Utilizing supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, it is possible to unearth the underlying structure of the data as well as its relationships and then to operationalize those findings.
  • In order to take charge of your own workflow, you must identify and execute high-impact initiatives, prioritize third-party requests, and finish projects on schedule so the outcomes may be used.
  • Integrates current knowledge into performance-enhancing programs. Current and future best practices are assessed. Ask about firm development difficulties and methods.
  • Perform data analysis by employing structured query language (SQL), scripting languages (such as R or Python), and internal dashboards. In order to give unambiguous suggestions, it is necessary to do an analysis of prior client behavior and sales data.
  • You’ll build new product growth prospects and impact momentum in addition to offering product and tech insights. Balance critical thinking and SQL, R, Python, Tableau analysis.
  • Opportunities for ongoing development are seen and taken advantage of Risk-taking, alternative methods, and organizational learning are all encouraged by this strategy. Through both acts and words, demonstrates a personal commitment to change. Encourages people to embrace change in the face of anxiety and worry.
  • Propose fresh ideas to the development team using data analysis. Use statistics and machine learning to tackle specific business problems. Entrepreneurial company with several teams and customers.
  • With a demonstrated ability to deliver business outcomes with database insights, adept at analyzing massive data sets to uncover possibilities for product and process improvement.


  • Natural language processing, information retrieval, machine understanding, question answering/conversational artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning, knowledge graphs, causal inference, and experimental design: these are the topics that are covered by natural language processing.
  • Diplomacy and trust are needed to convince or encourage others in the profession. You must be able to work effectively with individuals within and outside the business to be successful. To execute one’s work properly, one must participate in relationships that require substantial topic discussion, information sharing, and solution discovery across departments and divisions.
  • Conducting statistical analysis on huge datasets using several computer languages (Python, R, etc.) It would be helpful to have experience with D3.js, matplotlib, and the like. It is a really positive thing to make use of different machine learning algorithms including Random Forest, SVM, k-NN, Nave Bayes, and Gradient Boosting.
  • For those who hold a Master’s degree in Statistics (or a comparable quantitative field), you’ll require at least two years of experience in a similar role. Analytical skills in predictive modeling, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning.
  • Computer Science PhD or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or a similar technical subject with five years of relevant work experience in the field.

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Job Categories: Data Scientist. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 24 days.

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