19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Deputy Medical Examiner I – Ismailia

UST – Posted by JobsTeam Ismailia, Al-Ismāʿīliyyah, Egypt

Job Description

It is the job of the Medical Examiner to help with the investigation of sudden, unnatural, suspicious, or violent deaths. The Medical Examiner also acts as a liaison between the Office of the State Medical Examiner and county medical examiner offices, law and other investigative agencies, the families of deceased people, and the general public.

Job Title : Deputy Medical Examiner I
Location : Ismailia, Al-Ismāʿīliyyah, Egypt
Salary : $ 33.53 per hour.
Company : UST
Job Type : Full-Time


  • He attends a variety of pathology conferences, including the Neurophysiology Conference, Case Consensus Meeting, and Toxicology Rounds, among others. Neurophysiology is a branch of study that teaches residents and medical students how to do procedures such as looking at brains and spinal cords, among other things. This individual also contributes to the development and delivery of additional instructional programs that are developed by the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner/Medical Director and his or her staff. This individual delivers related lectures, presentations, and participates in forensic pathology symposiums and conferences.
  • It’s the job of this person to gather all the information about a case, like reports, diagrams, charts, and photos, and use them to prove and back up the cause and manner of death. During evening and night hours, the person in charge handles cases and makes decisions about who should be in charge. They also go to death scenes as needed on a rotating basis, and they do this on a daily basis. The person in this job gives evidence in U.S. District and Federal Courts, as well as Circuit Courts in nearby states, as needed. In the case of a special project, he or she takes care of it. It makes sure that infections don’t spread and that people stay safe.
  • Confers with the doctor of the person who died to find out about their medical, psychological, or psychiatric history; obtains medical and dental records of the person who died; investigates reports from outside agencies; and helps the Forensic Pathologists identify the person who died.
  • A person’s medical history, medication use, and mental condition at the time of death, as well as weapons and other evidence, are gathered at the scene of a crime or death by investigators. They also capture photographs and videos of the area and interview friends, relatives, and anybody else who may have seen the incident.
  • provide clear, accurate, and unbiased death investigation reports via a web-based records management system.
  • Expert witnesses are needed for all forensic criminal and civil proceedings linked with the cases studied, as well as any other forensic demands that may develop within the County. Experts are obtained.
  • During an investigation, any and all evidence gathered is documented and maintained in a file for future reference. The investigator may also collect copies of police reports and medical records, if necessary.
  • Provides information or assistance on departmental services, activities, forms, procedures, fees, and other matters; responds to routine inquiries and complaints; investigates and initiates problem resolution; and refers complaints/problems to appropriate employees.
  • Maintain and enhance professional knowledge and abilities by attendance at continuing education seminars, training programs, and other applicable courses.
  • Medical information is provided to law enforcement authorities, attorneys, judges, relatives of the deceased, the news media, the District Attorney’s Office, and the general public.


  • A current license to practice medicine in the state, as mandated by the Department of Professional Regulations, is necessary at the time of hire.
  • An associate’s degree in biology or medical science, para-medicine, or a closely similar area of study from a recognized institution, with 1,000 hours of verifiable work experience in the field of study. Work experience in the field is desired.
  • Performs jobs effectively and with little supervision, exhibiting a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail, and commitment.
  • Medical and dental examination and identification procedures; knowledge of trauma; knowledge of natural diseases; and understanding of forensic external examinations, autopsy, and medical/dental examination
  • know-how of the procedures and techniques involved in gathering, processing, and preparing evidence

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Job Categories: Medical Examiner. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 17 days.

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