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12 Feb 2023

Full-Time Concrete laborer – Jagna

Construction Force Services – Posted by JobsTeam Jagna, Bohol Province, Philippines

Job Description

The following tasks are performed by a Concrete Finisher in order to smooth and polish concrete highway road surfaces to specified textures. Depending on the scope of the project and how it is organized, a worker may be assigned to a single task or may be moved from one task to another as the project nears completion. Some employees stick to a single area of the industry, while others switch jobs as the project proceeds or as employment becomes available or on a seasonal basis. Depending on the kind of job being done, a person may be given a title.

Job Title : Concrete laborer
Location : Jagna, Bohol Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 24.46 per hour.
Company : Construction Force Services
Job Type : Full-Time


  • You could be given reports or work orders to complete. Once you’ve completed them, either pass them on or keep them as records.
  • Checks that forms have been produced properly before setting and aligning them; if they haven’t, they’re changed until they fit the appropriate criteria.
  • Uses a dump truck, front-end loader, backhoe, tamping machine, cement mixer, air compressor, jackhammer, chainsaw, concrete saw, sledgehammer, mallet, shovel, rake, axe, mechanic tools, concrete tools, concrete forms, and so on in department projects.
  • Concrete is compressed using a vibrating machine. Anchor bolts, steel plates, and other concrete fittings are placed in freshly poured concrete. This may be accomplished using a sponge rubber float or burlap.
  • Monitoring equipment operations to ensure efficiency and safety; reporting faulty equipment; keeping cleanliness and order in the workplace.
  • Lifting and transporting heavy items, shoveling materials, cleaning up debris/litter, and putting up signs are all examples of manual labor tasks linked with department projects.
  • Creating a smooth top surface on newly poured concrete floors, walls, ceilings, or walkways. To cure the surface of concrete, hardening and sealing agents are applied.
  • Communication is done by telephone and/or two-way radio; information is given out; messages are received, relayed, and responded to by workers, government officials, the general public, and others.
  • Making use of a variety of different types of cementitious materials to repair damaged concrete surfaces.
  • The work description for a Concrete Finisher involves operating equipment and doing manual labor activities connected to producing/finishing concrete areas as well as assisting with other Public Works projects.


  • It is necessary to have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities.
  • With the help of others, lift at least 30 pounds and up to 150 pounds.
  • If you want to work as a bricklayer, you’ll need two years of concrete or bricklaying experience and/or training. You may use any other relevant training and talents to finish the task.
  • Be prepared to be flexible when it comes to summer shifts and extended workweeks (70+ hours a week plus evenings).
  • To ensure that duties are completed appropriately, this role requires the ability to follow procedures and communicate effectively with colleagues and management.

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Job Categories: Concrete Finisher. Job Types: Full-Time.

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