26 May 2023

Full-Time Concrete Form Worker – Santa Elena

STRUCTURAL – Posted by JobsTeam Santa Elena, Camarines Norte Province, Philippines

Job Description

The Concrete Finisher performs the following responsibilities to smooth and polish the surfaces of poured concrete highway roadways to specified textures. The scope of the project and its structure dictate whether a worker spends his whole time on a single task or is shifted from task to task as the project proceeds toward completion. Certain employees are specialized in a particular section of the industry, while others are shifted from duty to task as a project proceeds toward completion, or as employment becomes available or on a seasonal basis. May be identified in accordance with the nature of the task done.

Job Title : Concrete Form Worker
Location : Santa Elena, Camarines Norte Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 25 per hour.
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Lifts/moves large items, shovels materials, and picks up debris/litter, places signs, and other manual labor activities related with department projects.
  • To ensure that the freshly poured concrete on floors, ceilings, walls and pathways is perfectly leveled. The concrete’s surface is hardened and sealed using hardening and sealing chemicals.
  • You will be provided a range of papers to complete, such as reports or work orders; you will then process the information and either send it on or store it for your records.
  • Prior to establishing and aligning forms, they are inspected to ensure they were created properly; if they were not, they are revised until they fit the appropriate criteria.
  • Workers, government officials, the general public, and others may call or use two-way radio to get information and service.
  • The job of a Concrete Finisher is to operate machinery and do manual labor tasks related with producing/finishing concrete areas and working with different Public Works projects.
  • People that work in this field utilize a variety of equipment, machinery, and tools to do their tasks. Dump truck, front-end loader, backhoe, tamping machine, cement mixer, air compressor, jackhammer, concrete saw, mallet, shovel, rake, axe, and mechanic tools are only a few examples. Concrete forms, concrete tools, and so forth.
  • Repairs rough or damaged areas in concrete surfaces, using cementitious materials such as cement, sand, and other colors.
  • To ensure that equipment and machinery are operating at their best, the maintenance technician is responsible for basic duties such as monitoring fluid levels, refilling fluids, lubricating equipment, washing/cleaning equipment, cleaning work spaces, and reporting broken equipment.
  • Concrete is compressed using a vibrating machine. In freshly poured concrete, anchor bolts, steel plates, and other concrete fittings are placed. This may be done using a sponge rubber float or burlap.


  • To be considered for this position, you must possess a high school diploma or GED, as well as two (2) years of relevant experience and/or training in the concrete or brick industry, or any combination of these qualifications.
  • Capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, carrying at least 30 pounds, and lifting up to 150 pounds with assistance.
  • This position necessitates the ability to adhere to and communicate effectively with coworkers and managers in order to guarantee that tasks are done correctly.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills are needed for this job.
  • It is necessary to work shifts (days and nights) and long hours (70+ hours a week and nights) during the summer months.

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Job Categories: Concrete Finisher. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 22 days.

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