26 May 2023

Full-Time Concrete Finisher Supervisor – Sagñay

The Anthony Concrete Corp – Posted by JobsTeam Sagñay, Camarines Sur Province, Philippines

Job Description

A skilled Concrete Finisher or artisan who works with concrete on building projects by installing, finishing, preserving, and repairing concrete. Responsible for establishing the concrete forms and ensuring that they have the proper depth and pitch. Pours concrete straight from the concrete truck chute, the concrete pump, the concrete, or the wheelbarrow. Worked using shovels and rakes to pour the concrete in place, and at times used a straightedge back and forth over the top of the forms to screed, or level, the newly laid concrete. They smooth the surface after leveling the concrete using a hand trowel, a long-handed bull float, or motorized floats. Concrete finishers squeeze an edger between the forms and the concrete after the concrete has been smoothed and floated to chamber the edges and make them less prone to chip. After the trowel finish is complete, broom and stamp finishes are two separate final products for outdoor concrete. The broom finish is intended to keep the concrete from sliding, while the stamp finish is utilized for aesthetics. Must understand how to create and complete a head on curb and gutter section.

Job Title : Concrete Finisher Supervisor
Location : Sagñay, Camarines Sur Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 25.68 per hour.
Company : The Anthony Concrete Corp
Job Type : Full-Time


  • This occupation requires the use of a wide range of equipment, machinery, and tools. These may include: a dump truck, a front-end loader, a backhoe, a tamping machine, a cement mixer, an air compressor, a jackhammer, a concrete saw, a mallet, a shovel, a rake, an axe, and mechanic tools. Concrete forms, tools, and so forth.
  • Compressing concrete using a power vibrator. Anchor bolts, steel plates, and other fittings are installed in newly poured concrete. Utilize a sponge-rubber float or burlap to work the cement into the surface.
  • Documents such as reports or work orders are provided to you for completion; you then process the information and either forward it or preserve it for your records.
  • Manual work includes lifting and carrying heavy things, shoveling materials, picking up trash and other garbage, and putting up signs.
  • Provides information, takes and transmits messages, and answers to service and information requests from workers, authorities, the public, and others through telephone and/or two-way radio.
  • Monitoring equipment operations to ensure efficiency and safety; reporting faulty equipment; keeping cleanliness and order in the workplace.
  • Checks that forms have been produced properly before setting and aligning them; if they haven’t, they’re changed until they fit the appropriate criteria.
  • On floors, walls, ceilings, and sidewalks, leveling the top surface of newly poured concrete. To cure the surface of concrete, hardening and sealing agents are applied.
  • Repairs concrete surfaces by applying cementitious materials such as sand and other colors, as well as sand and cement.
  • The Concrete Finisher’s primary responsibility is to run equipment and conduct manual labor related to producing/finishing concrete areas and working with other Public Works projects.


  • Prior experience and/or training in concrete and/or brick work (or a mix thereof) is required, as is a high school diploma (or GED), as well as two (2) years of related job experience and/or training.
  • Capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, carrying a minimum of 30 pounds, and up to 150 pounds with assistance.
  • Working shifts (days, nights) and long hours (70+ hours a week and nights) throughout the summer months is a need.
  • Working effectively with others, being well-organized, and being able to express oneself clearly are all necessary skills.
  • To ensure that duties are completed appropriately, this role requires the ability to adhere to and communicate effectively with colleagues and management.

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Job Categories: Concrete Finisher. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 24 days.

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