17 Mar 2023

Full-Time Animator and Motion Designer – A’ali

Transfr – Posted by JobsTeam A'ali, A'ali, Bahrain

Job Description

We’re seeking for a new Animation team member! This Animator will be competent in character and battle animation and will work on a small and flexible team. This job demands someone who is comfortable with dynamic posing, rhythmic battle animation, mocap recording and cleaning, and funny timing. Candidates should be prepared to show their ability by doing a timed animation test remotely.

Job Title : Animator and Motion Designer
Location : A’ali, A’ali, Bahrain
Salary : $ 33.12 per hour.
Company : Transfr
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Using Maya as a tool to create animation in response to direction Collaborate with the show’s Director to produce animation that seamlessly integrates into the show’s recognizable visual style, Observe the standard operating procedures for managing file structures, organizing projects, and performing version control.
  • Work in conjunction with the team responsible for character art, as well as the designers and engineers of the system, to guarantee coherence in the animation assets’ concept, production, and execution. Work in tandem with the technical teams to develop run-time character animation pipelines and methods.
  • You can make animations for characters from different IPs that are smooth, believable, and right for them if you can rig and skin them in a way that works well with the technology of mobile games.
  • Designers and other team members work together with the creative director to conceptualize the final product. Illustrations, live-action videos and 3D blocks are examples of these techniques.
  • Get new knowledge and skills by doing regular research on the industry, evaluating products, and getting training on how to use the latest computer software. Treat your teammates with respect and kindness at all times.
  • Use techniques for managing time and tools for keeping track of production to meet deadlines and milestones. Talk to creative and production staff and employees in the right way.
  • Create accurate representations of the clothes and hair that characters wear, for instance. Putting the finishing touches on the shot work by developing simulations and animations for the cloth. Creatively resolving problems is one way to accomplish art direction for a photograph.
  • It is critical to have the capacity to independently recognize and resolve problems. Make a strong case for your creative point of view while also following the visual cues that were given to you. We’ll need deformations, procedural modeling, and animation to do this.
  • Customization is possible for provider-provided rigging and weights. Art and engineering must cooperate to solve animation and rigging challenges.
  • Set up, make, and keep up with animations that bring our game world to life so that we can make a fun, immersive game experience. You can make new animated characters from scratch while also supporting and adding to the movement sets of existing characters.


  • Strong comprehension of classical animation concepts and basics, visual/technical animation mechanics understanding Experienced in gameplay animation, able to use multiple techniques/styles
  • Experience composing scenes, shots, cameras, and characters is advantageous; a strong grasp of cinematic staging, blocking, cinematography, and editing is advantageous.
  • It takes between one and three years of experience in this profession to be able to create pre-visualizations, preliminary layouts, and/or characters for computer-generated animation. The capacity to work with Maya is a desirable trait, but apart from that, I have a strong interest in rough layout and a passion for communicating stories.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience is required, with a preference given to those with backgrounds in computer science, computer graphics, or computer animation (Recent graduates considered).
  • Animator who is skilled technically and has at least two years of experience working in the industry, as well as the ability to rig and animate styled 2D figures swiftly.

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Job Categories: Animator. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 17 days.

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